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As a business services professional in Melbourne – Australia, Anthony Warren helps deliver and problem solve effective solutions for prominent organisations in the Victorian corporate and government sectors.

221c9f318afb22028d75e63122c91127Trained as a proactive business, administrative and government services  professional, Anthony has various years of experience within several Government, Not for profit and corporate sector workplaces. This includes world leading multinational global corporate services organisations, state government essential services departments,  media organisations, government arts/cultural departments and essential transportation infrastructure organisations.

Coupled that with a degree in Business – majors in international trade / commerce and global culture in Melbourne, Australia, plus a nationally recognised professional qualification in ‘Training & Assessment’, are what strategically positioned Anthony to being sought after professional. The ‘street smarts’ and entrepreneurial business skills complement formal tertiary studies – where high distinction course average was achieved.

With organisations in recent times putting a high premium on customer satisfaction, Anthony is now poised to offer much needed assistance to companies seeking help from a reliable, innovative, customer driven and experienced person who will be an asset for their operations.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs a professional who voraciously keeps abreast of industry trends and best practices, Anthony keeps himself sharp and alert to prevailing client needs by continually availing himself to training and undertaking professional self-development courses. Being authentic, resourceful, customer driven and delivering innovative ideas, the aim is to use training and his skills to add value to any organisation.

As a person wanting to make a difference and exercising his corporate responsibility, Anthony loves volunteering and engaging in various leadership roles for major events and infrastructure organisations in Melbourne – thus giving back to the wider community by continually practicing his professional skills.

Also enjoying the rich diversity of our world, Anthony is an amateur travel writer/photojournalist and has created/runs the website ‘Life through the lens’ – where world travel experiences, practical resources and complementary photographic works are showcased.

Always open to new opportunities and experiences – feel free to make contact should you have opportunities / collaborations, like to make contact / network or any other professional related communication.

For further details about Anthony – skills, experience, volunteer work or more, please have a look through this website: http://www.anthonywarren.info or by email using the ‘Contact me’ page below.


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